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Zachary Stoller

Head Chef

My name is Zach and I’m the head chef at Hop & Hoe. I graduated from the Culinary Institute of America with a Bachelors degree in business management and professional studies. During my studies, I spent a semester away in Napa Valley, California, where I learned all the ins and outs of proper farm-to-table cooking.

Working on a farm during the day, and a restaurant an night, my passion grew. There is something special about planting seeds and nurturing a plant until gives you the most beautiful fruit or vegetable. With proper care, respect, and patience, the earth will give you the tastiest product.

After graduating, I worked in fine dining restaurants, country clubs, and catering halls in New York, until finally moving to Colorado in 2017. It was then I learned about the growing food truck scene around the Denver/Boulder areas. Being an avid home brewer and chef for years, I began to explore Colorados breweries and food trucks. What I found, is the beer is fantastic, but I only wish the food trucks would follow. I got sick and tired of having my well-crafted brews with a lackluster meal. Bad food
could ruin an experience, even when drinking the finest beer.

My experience showed me exactly what I want to do – open my own food establishment where I serve the finest food on the streets of Colorado.

I formed amazing relationships with Colorado farmers and bought a food truck. The rest, as they say, is history. Hop & Hoe was born.